Saturday, February 26, 2011


GEEZ, it's been so long that I've been on here that I actually forgot my password "EEK"....even my music on here sounds foreign and I highly doubt I remember the password to that account too! LOL...

Just wanted everyone to know that we are definitely expecting AGAIN LUCKY number 8....and I am just in my 13th week of pregnancy! We are excited and are anticipating a healthy pregnancy this time around! We have a 9 moth old little boy who we really had a difficult pregnancy and birth with, but he is thriving and is doing so much better despite those challenges. We are eager to give him a sibling to enjoy and have fun with.

I know I say this so often, but I could not be more on top of the world than now! My children are growing, I have the best eternal companion anyone could ask for and I'm pregnant with our last little one and things so far seem great!

It's always challenging being at home with so many kids to love and care for, but I know that these moments are but a blink of an eye!...

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: LOVE even when you don't feel like it!.......

Thursday, July 1, 2010

All of us NOW
Mark and I sharing a Ice-cream dinner a few nights ago

All of us wayyy back in 1989!...When Mark served his mission in our Area in Oakley CA.

When I was in 5th grade we met the most amazing elders in our Area! At the time, I don't believe our family was very actively going to church! But these two gentlemen played a huge role in our activity in returning back to church!..The Haole Elder Mark....was a shy young teenager from a small town in Utah, and he remembers the influences of his companion in this picture George Kaka, and my mom really bringing him out of his shell and changing his life forever! They have both been like older brothers to us since then! The last time I saw Mark, I was pregnant with my second child and we met up in SEATTLE and we went down a LOG RIDE at the seattle center....YES, YES, YES...silly me, but that's the story!
10 yrs later since that time, he popped in again on us while visiting on Oahu and took a hop over to the Big Island and we were able to take another group shot together! We had a great time! We always enjoy his company and look forward to visiting with him when he's here!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pampered Massage DAY at the Marriott!

I'm so excited to get my massage!

The Lounge!

My sweetie coming to watch and learn the 411 of pregnancy massage!

Changing into my robe and getting ready for my rub down!

The View from the Marriott Hotel!

Beautiful Showers.......

Me and my big ol Belly..................I love this picture!

My sister Tara treated me to a Pregnancy Massage at the Marriott Resort. I totally needed it, since I am 8 months pregnant and just in those achey stages of pregnancy! Everything hurts!! I was greeted by the sweetest lady and guided into a medium sized dim lit room that had the softest bed with fresh orchids all over them! It really felt like a dream! I so wish I could get one of these everyday! Loved every bit of it...Thanks Tara and Tony!

Monday, January 25, 2010

22 weeks and counting!

Getting ready to perform

all Q-T'd up!
Mama's baby girls!

My tribe!!!

Our stake just celebrated the 10 yr anniversary of the Kona Hawaii Temple!..It was so much fun as each ward was assigned to do a culture and perform on stage while everyone fed their faces with food from all over the place!...Our ward shared their SAMOAN heritage and really did an awesome job!...All of those 2 hours performances every week really showed their talent. My little 5 year old, was able to participate as the youngest performer and we were all so proud of her and how quickly she caught on!
I am 21 weeks pregnant and things are really looking up from the last few months. I'm enjoying pregnancy and have found out that we are having a LITTLE BOY! making this our 4th BOY out of 7 children! I can't keep my hands off of the TARGET sales racks. There is so many cute things!

Friday, December 18, 2009

17 weeks Pregnant and Counting!

So this will be baby #7 for us and this pregnancy has had so many dips, curves and uneasy roller coaster vibes that we've really had a run for our money! About a week ago I had some heavy bleeding and cramping and was rushed into E.R. again fearing the reoccuring episode of spotting at my 6 week mark.. Panic stricken with a flood of thoughts of what I could've done to bring this all on, but to our surprise baby is still strong, kicking and very much alive... A huge sense of peace came over me as Mana and I waited in the E.R. room for the long 5 hours we were there. We made use of our time reading books to one another and laughing as we made up songs to totally random things.. It really brought me peace and strenghth to have Mana there with me. Shortly after this episode they discovered that I have a heart murmur. I've had an echo cardiogram done a few days ago and really won't know what the outcome of this will be until my doctor gives me further word of my results!...So far I've been continuing my daily routine but with a little more caution. My mother in law will be here for 2 weeks and I am so excited to have her help during this time. I'm thankful for my family and their efforts in helping wherever they can! It's been a treat to have a helping hand!.. My tummy is growing so much but to my surprise I've lost 13 lbs and I feel really great! wow...atleast that's some great news to share in this post!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So thankful for my family!

Cheezy Fou!
Opening presents!

Everyone kicking back!

Before we had our grindz!

We set the kids up in the garage, complete with T.V. and was the perfect place to make a huge mess!

As the sun's breath taking!

My sister and I after a very long day of cooking...

Our H.S. friends visitng from SEATTLE, as my hubby works the grill on Thxgvng! BBQ chicken, Kal bi was so ONO..

Where everyone retired too, after eating....

Happy jaron on his b-day!

These girls always have me dying...

We never do w/out a sure game of fun!

why do I love this man so much?..............I'm thankful I have him for eternity!

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a rare occasion!

Lov'n the beach
U know we camp until the sun goes down, down, down!

Baby Tony.....

Loading up the Van for a family trip to the BEACH!

Chilly Waimea 65 degrees!

They love the beach so much! the sun is setting...

Gorgeous green Waimea!

So full of "Hawaiian Style CAFE"............

The spot...

Amaya getting her feet wet!

Aryn said she wanted a sandwich now!

Our first stop "The Park in Waimea"

My 3 sweetie pies!

It's always rare to Have "Mana" home so we tend to do a lot of things without him. He usually has to read about it when he gets home from work! (Thank goodness for technology)...But we were fortunate to have a furlough friday with our children and decided to make a day of it!.. So we dropped off the twins at school, took a drive up to Waimea and had breakfast with our three girls at "Hawaiian Style Cafe"!! Got some ice-cream, and hung out at the park for a couple of hours!..It was a chilly 65 degrees and my girls looked so cute to finally be able to use their jeans and sweaters! As we made the trek back home our temp gage in our car went up from 65 degrees to a warm 80 degrees!
We decided to make it a beach day, so we packed up the Van with boogie boards, lunch and lots of anxious little kids and headed for KUA BAY!..Had a blast! and of course we left after the sun set! Absolutely a gorgeous day! Couldn't help but share it with you!