Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pampered Massage DAY at the Marriott!

I'm so excited to get my massage!

The Lounge!

My sweetie coming to watch and learn the 411 of pregnancy massage!

Changing into my robe and getting ready for my rub down!

The View from the Marriott Hotel!

Beautiful Showers.......

Me and my big ol Belly..................I love this picture!

My sister Tara treated me to a Pregnancy Massage at the Marriott Resort. I totally needed it, since I am 8 months pregnant and just in those achey stages of pregnancy! Everything hurts!! I was greeted by the sweetest lady and guided into a medium sized dim lit room that had the softest bed with fresh orchids all over them! It really felt like a dream! I so wish I could get one of these everyday! Loved every bit of it...Thanks Tara and Tony!


Troy and Segi Worthen said...

Looks like heaven. Im sure it was amazing! You definitely deserved it:)

joven said...

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