Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a rare occasion!

Lov'n the beach
U know we camp until the sun goes down, down, down!

Baby Tony.....

Loading up the Van for a family trip to the BEACH!

Chilly Waimea 65 degrees!

They love the beach so much! the sun is setting...

Gorgeous green Waimea!

So full of "Hawaiian Style CAFE"............

The spot...

Amaya getting her feet wet!

Aryn said she wanted a sandwich now!

Our first stop "The Park in Waimea"

My 3 sweetie pies!

It's always rare to Have "Mana" home so we tend to do a lot of things without him. He usually has to read about it when he gets home from work! (Thank goodness for technology)...But we were fortunate to have a furlough friday with our children and decided to make a day of it!.. So we dropped off the twins at school, took a drive up to Waimea and had breakfast with our three girls at "Hawaiian Style Cafe"!! Got some ice-cream, and hung out at the park for a couple of hours!..It was a chilly 65 degrees and my girls looked so cute to finally be able to use their jeans and sweaters! As we made the trek back home our temp gage in our car went up from 65 degrees to a warm 80 degrees!
We decided to make it a beach day, so we packed up the Van with boogie boards, lunch and lots of anxious little kids and headed for KUA BAY!..Had a blast! and of course we left after the sun set! Absolutely a gorgeous day! Couldn't help but share it with you!

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hine.T said...

Only in Hawaii...I'm so jealz!!!!